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The Law Firm, PLLC provides preeminent resources to businesses and individuals nationwide in the areas of corporate formation, commercial transactions and contracts, financial transactions, risk management and capital fundraising. We focus on small to mid-size businesses to provide responsive, customized services from formation of your business to operational support. As the business complexities and legal implications of employee contracts, partner and shareholder obligations, regulatory environments, and the electronic marketplace continue to expand, The Law Firm will be your partner for unlimited success. 

Whether it is a new business venture, operations, or capital fundraising, The Law Firm will work diligently to identify your risks and protect your assets. We serve a broad array of companies both large and small, from tech start-ups to commercial developers to local restaurants.

 Through intelligent, experienced strategies, we design solutions to protect your business and its assets. No matter where you aim for success, The Law Firm will get you there. 



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