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Based in Brighton, Michigan, The Law Firm, PLLC provides exceptional resources to businesses and individuals nationwide in the areas of corporate formation, business contracts, financial transactions, risk management and strategic planning. We focus on small to mid-size businesses to provide responsive, customized services from formation of your business to operational support to growth and expansion. As the business complexities and legal implications of employee contracts, partner and shareholder obligations, regulatory environments, and the electronic marketplace continue to expand, The Law Firm will guide you through your strategic growth and planning to ensure your compliance and maximize your opportunities. 

Whether it is a new business venture, company expansion, capital fundraising or tightening up your operations, The Law Firm is your partner for planning, design, contracts and transaction assistance. While we serve a broad array of companies, we have particular expertise in modern technology-based business contracts and operations from companies seeking to expand their electronic presence to software companies requiring source code escrow agreements and SAAS contracts.
While we work diligently with our clients to avoid lawsuits, when it is unavoidable, we employ aggressive, tactical strategies to fight for our clients and their rights in southeast and mid-Michigan. Our client's priorities are our orders. Whether maximizing a cost-effective resolution through ADR options to taking an opponent to the wall for a verdict, The Law Firm will enforce your interests and knows how to win.
Through intelligent, thorough and deliberate strategies, we design solutions to protect you, your business, your family and your assets. Comprehensive business and asset representation is what will make us your law firm for life. No matter where you aim for success, The Law Firm will get you there. 



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