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Capital Fundraising and Commercial Transactions


From your intitial start-up to your growth and expansion, The Law Firm will be your partner in helping you to understand your options through closing the transactions. From convertible notes and SAFEs for seed investing to stock issuance, mezzanine financing, and recapitalization for growth capital, The Law Firm can assist you in your due diligence and closing the deal. For those private companies looking for the next level, The Law Firm is your partner for Reg A+ offerings.


Your company's growth and expansion may benefit from partnering with complementary businesses. The Law Firm will provide extensive experieince in simple partnerships from Joint Ventures and Referral Agreements to complex transactions involving Mergers, Aquisitions, and Asset Purchase Agreements.


While the handshake agreements for capital and partnerships begin simply, the due diligence and careful consideration provided by the The Law Firm will ensure that your business and your investments are protected.

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